My Journey

I was turned onto Young Living oils from my friend/hairdresser of 20+ years. As I sat in her chair (in Jan. 2015) and complained of my head feeling like it was stuck in a vice grip, she encouraged me to use a drop of peppermint oil. BAM, I noticed the vice grip was loosening! It was love at first smell…and the rest is history! I just couldn’t contain my love and passion for these oils, so about a year after using them I made a conscious decision to start sharing how these oils provide health & wellness for me and my family (even for my fur baby).

If I could only use 3 products from Young Living it would be Ningxia Red (I lovingly call it NINJA), Peppermint, and Progessence Plus Serum. I use these EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. These oils, all the supplements, Savvy Minerals makeup, hair and body care lines help me maintain my sanity and function above the wellness line, because none of us have time to be down for the count!